Keinichi Soki has studied under various teachers including Mika Nemoto, Daniel Levans, Sergiu Stefanschi, Roy Tobias, Peter Breuer, Roy Streton, and David Howard since he was three years old.

After participating in performances sponsored by Juridical Foundation Japan Ballet Association, Kawanawa Prefectural Artistic Dance Association, and Tani Momoko Ballet Company, Soki successfully passed the entrance examination to Universal Ballet Company in 1986. Soki had set up the record as the youngest dancer to ever enter the Company, at the age of sixteen. He has performed on stages in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan with Evelyn Hart, Patrick Bissel, Jean Charles Jill. After graduating high school, Soki officially became a member of Universal Ballet Company. He has performed in various ballet pieces including George Balanchene’s Serenade, Allegro Brillante, Geogina Parkinson’s The Sleeping Beauty, Adrienne Dellas’s Paquita,The Nutcracler,David Lichine’sGraduation Ball, Luthana Boris’s Cakewalk, Roy Tobias’s La fille Mal Gardee, and Jack Carter’s La Traviata.

In 1990, Soki transferred to Hong Kong Ballet as a soloist and danced in Peter Darrel’s The Nutcracker, Petar Miller Ashmole’s Giselle, Jack Carter’s Three Dances to Japanese Music, George Balanchine’s Walse Fantasie, Square Dance and Choo San Goh’s Unknown Territory,Pas de Trois from Pastral Sketch.

From 1991, Soki has join Ballet des Salzburger Landestheater, Austria and performed as a soloist in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, and other European nations. In his five-year stay in Salzburger Landestheater, he has performed as the main dancer in Romeo & Juliet, Orpheus & Euridice,Le Cousaire as well as taking part in the stage of Opera,Operetta and Musical.

Soki came back to Japan in 1996 and in 1997, he had signed a contract with New National Theatre Ballet in Tokyo. He performed as a soloist in the company’s repertoire, which consisted The Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, The Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Theme & Variation, La Sylphide, Don Quixote etc.

In the same year, Soki opened Soki Ballet School. Along with the performances in New National Theatre Ballet, he has participated in shows of Japan Ballet Association Young Ballet Festival, Aoyama Ballet Festival, Takeuchi Hitomi Ballet Company, NBA Ballet Company, Inoue Ballet Company, Kobayashi Noriko Ballet Theatre.

In 2000, Soki retired as a ballet dancer after his performing as Blue Boy in Frederic Ashton’s Les Patineur with Kobayashi Noriko Ballet Theatre. He moved to Sendai to put serious focus on training the new generation of ballet dancers and started his teaching career there.

In 2006, Soki presented Eine Kleine Nachtmusik at Juridical Foundation Japan Ballet Association’s 30th Anniversary National Joint Ballet Evening Recital at the New National Theatre Opera House, showing his great efforts in creative directions as well as teaching and training.

  • Director of the Soki Ballet School
  • A member of Juridical Foundation Japan Ballet Association Tohoku Branch Management Sector
  • Committee Award of the 16th Varna International Ballet Competition Senior Division
  • Finalist of the 6th International Dance Competition Paris Classical Senior Division
  • Best Teacher Award of the 60th Tokyo Newspaper Dance Competition Ballet Division
  • Best Teacher Award of the 2nd Japan Grand Prix
  • Best Teacher Award of 1st & 3rd Ballet Competition for Youth in Sendai






Kumi Soki Studied under her mother, Hitomi Takeuchi, since she was three years old. In 1983, she went abroad to Canada to study Ballet Theory at Goh Ballet Academy. After coming back to Japan, Kumi instructed ballet in Hong Kong Ballet School from 1988 to 1990. In the year she left Hong Kong Ballet School, she performed as a part of Inoue Ballet Company Inc., and joined the company in 1994. She performed in pieces such as The Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, The fairy Tale, Coppelia,Giselle and Napoli. She also participated in the company’s Salzberg shows, including Yukihime and Blue Danuve. She performed in Takeuchi Hitomi Ballet Company’s China and Taiwan shows. Kumi took the main role in Takeuchi Hitomi Ballet Company’s Japan show ballet pieces, Coppelia. In 1992, she was given the main role in Uneme Monogatari at Uzbekistan Navoi Theatre. In 1998, Kumi left Inoue Ballet Company Inc. She currently resides in Sendai to instruct the young generations of dancers.

  • A member of Juridical Foundation Japan Association Tohoku Branch
  • Winner of 1996 Tachibana Akiko Memorial Scholarship
  • Winner of the second Japan Grand Prix Instructor Award