Frequently Asked Questions

Entrance guide

Can we visit the school whenever we want?

No, all visitation requires reservation ahead of time - lesson hours maybe altered due to unforeseen circumstances. Please inform the school the date and time you would like to have your visitation.

Are there any restrictions on school entrance?

Yes, adult learners must have an introducer (ie. Ballet teachers they had before) to enter our school. Those who are ballet veterans will be asked where they have trained and/or practiced before visiting our school. Those who are currently training in practice halls presided over by Juridical Foundation Japan Ballet Association Tohoku Office Miyagi Prefecture Committee will not be able to visit nor enter our school. We ask for your understanding.

Is inspection of my child(ren) possible?

Visitation is limited to students in infant class with the accompaniment of their mothers. However, at the time of your children’s promotion to a higher level class, there will be dates available for your visitation to your children’s class. There will be occasions (before ballet concerts) for parents with children in the infant class to come to class before the concert starts in order to encourage and support their children. Concerts may worry or frighten children but time will resolve such issue. Please feel at ease.

I would like to enter a competition. Would I be permitted to enter one?

Ballet competition is certainly a very good opportunity to interact with ballet dancers of your age, to be inspired or motivation for improvement - there are innumerable merits to entering a competition. However, winning one does not guarantee that you will become a professional ballet dancer in future times. We would recommend students who have strong determination for stoic improvements of their skills to enter competitions but those who want to enter competitions just for the sake of competing with others would not be permitted to do so. By going to competitions, ballet will go beyond the realms of hobby and the understanding from your family on this matter is exceedingly crucial. Even after winning a competition, one must remain modest and put great devotion to ballet training. Your family must have an understanding of these facts in order for you to enter a competition from our school.

I would like to study overseas. Is that possible?

We purposefully do not encourage overseas ballet study. If such opportunity arises in the future, we think that it will be very much worthwhile but we think it is unnecessary to force yourself to going to a foreign nation to study ballet. This is because leaving your family and living in a foreign country present more hardship than one can possibly imagine. Language barrier is not the only wall one must face – there will be countless walls on the journey. One must possess the strength to overcome such difficulties in order to study abroad. Because both of us teachers have lived and worked abroad for an extended period of time, we understand the great joys and the harsh facades of living overseas. Thus, with our knowledge and experience, we are committed to supporting students who have strongly hope to go overseas and to become professionals in their future.

I am a beginner. Would I be able to follow with the lessons?

Yes. Being a beginner is like being a blank canvas – there are immense potentials to learn and to absorb new ideas. You do not have to worry about anything. Conversely, those who have once experienced dancing ballet face more difficulties than the beginners, knowing that they must train their bodies again to dance as they were able to before. Either way, the time will resolve the problem. Take not one step but half step at a time, and keep in mind to learn steadily and carefully. Never forget your passion and positive attitude towards learning. That is the motto of Soki Ballet.

Must I participate in the school performances?

Basically, all students are required to participate in the school performances. There are innumerable things one can learn on the stage from getting used to dancing in front of the audience to cooperation in group activities. The school performance is the stage in which you can feel and recognize your strength and effort that you have acquired throughout the lessons at our school. Your hard work will not be paid off if this stage was taken away. Even the students who are burdened by the task to balance between school admission examinations and ballet take their time to participate in school performances, as much as they can. To dance on a stage in front of great number of people is an experience that cannot be felt in our daily life. Whether you are a student or a housewife, the moment you are on the stage, you can become a ballet dancer. School performances grant such precious, irreplaceable moments to you.

Would I be able to change the frequencies of lessons each month?

If the students are in the infant class, we recommend them to take a lesson per week until they get used to the school, and then increase the frequency of lessons to twice per week when they show strong hope to dance more often. Advanced Class and Higher Advanced Class are usually having three lessons per week. However, there are many students taking four to seven lessons per week by taking classes of different levels and/or taking classes in both the Head Quarter practice hall and the Furukawa practice hall.

My body is not very flexible – would I be all right?
Also, how many lessons would I have to take until I improve?

If the only place for you to stretch is when you take a lesson and supposing that you only take one lesson per week, that will be total of one stretching session in a week’s time. That will not help your body become more flexible. It takes more than a day or two to become flexible and there is no clear number of lessons that marks your improvement. As our ideology of ‘steady and careful steps in learning’ goes, consistency is the key to improvement.  Even if you suffer, feel defeated, or feel that things are not going your way, you must be persistent and continue to train yourself. However, it is not good to push yourself to the limit with practicing and burn out. The ideal way to success is to know your pacing and to go with it. One day you may realize that your body became flexible and in the future time, you may be on the stage as a professional ballet dancer.