Entrance guide

Entrance guide

Admission Fee / Monthly Tuition

Admission Fee: 10,000 yen

Monthly Tuition: One lesson per week: 7,000 yen, Two lessons per week: 10,000 yen, Three lessons per week: 13,000 yen.

Air-conditioning Fee: Not included in the monthly admission. This fee depends on how many lessons you take.

Enrolment Period

Our admission is open at all times but depending on whether there are spaces available for classes you would like to take, we may have to put you on the waiting list.

Lesson Visitations

All lesson visitations requires reservation via phone call to the head quarters. Please inform us with the age and the specific ballet experience of the lesson visitor along with the date you would like to visit the school. Lesson schedules may change due to school performance rehearsals.


We do not require students to wear leotards, tights, and ballet shoes of a specific brand. Please purchase them on your own.

Leotards can be in any color but please choose colors other than black as much as possible. Bright colors are preferable.

Boys do not need to wear leotards. They can wear T-shirts (preferably a white one with no designs) instead.

All girls must wear pink pairs of tights. Boys can wear pairs of tights (or spandex) in any color they wish.

Ballet shoes for girls must be pink. Boys must choose ballet shoes in the colors of either white or black.

Students beyond Elementary Class B must wear leotards without any kind of frills in order for us to check the positions of their pelvis.

You can choose the frequency of lessons, starting from once a week. (3000 yen will be charged for each lesson in addition to the maximum of three lessons per week.)

Lesson frequency and lesson days can be changed every month but cannot be altered within the same month.

Class promotion will not occur only with how old the student becomes while they take their classes. The instructors will give the final decision on class promotion. Promotion period is in November.

Toe shoes lessons will start from Advanced Classes. It is very dangerous to practice in toe shoes with little lesson frequency. Thus, we recommend those who are in and those entering Advanced Classes to take more than three lessons per week.

As the basic rule of the school, all students are required to participate in periodical school performance (which occurs every other year).

For students who strongly wish to perform more often, additionally to the school performances, we have Ballettabed (Ballet Evening Recital) that allows free participation at student�fs will.

Students for Competition Class will be chosen by how strong the student�fs will is towards ballet competition and by the instructor�fs careful selection and recommendation.

If you are going to be absent from a lesson, please give us your absence report to us via telephone.

If you are going to take a leave for more than three months, please inform us ahead of time. If that does not occur, we will require you to pay the usual monthly tuition.

Summer vacation and winter vacation are two weeks long. Spring break and holidays due to school performances are one week long.

There will be no lessons held on the fifth week of the month and any national holidays.

Please use the parking lot exclusively allotted for our school when dropping off and/or picking up your children by car.